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Why Joining Spire Reseller Program?

If you forget your password, you can recover your password by entering your E-mail address onto the Password Recover Page.

Spire's Reseller Program is designed to provide assistance and direct support to our retail and distribution partners. We are committed to helping our clients grow their business and respond with the best products and support to meet their customers needs.

Benefits of "Spire's Reseller Program":

    Marketing tools support :
    Spire's promo pack, including: Ballpoint-pens, Premium Product Catalogues, Note-blocks, Premium Product Posters & Calendars.

    Spire shop display :
    Shop display is the latest in a series of promotional marketing tools which provide retailer and distributors alike an attribution to their showroom, providing style and support on Spire products. Built out of solid aluminum like most of our heat-sinks and cases, the Spire shop display is an attraction all by itself"

    Reseller referrals :
    Spire will provide exclusive lead referrals for partners that sign up with "Spire's Reseller Program"

    Rebate programs :
    Spire offers a new rebate concept which aims to provide distributors & resellers with the best value money can buy. Spire's rebate program simply delivers more quality products for less. Get rebates on a huge selection of spire products and save money.

    Informative Newsletter :
    Spire will email you a informative newsletter with useful details about new products, updates, trade shows, products reviews and much more.

    Dedicated Technical support :
    Get a direct phone number to your dedicated tech support engineer and find answers instantly, you'll never have to wait again.